7 Simple Things That Can Make Your Relationship Last A Lifetime

7 Simple Things That Can Make Your Relationship Last A Lifetime

Relationships can be really easy, it depends on the partners to make things work or not work, it’s entirely up to the partners whether things run smoothly or don’t. It’ entirely in our control making the relationship las longer, improve it and evolve it to the next level. We all know that living with your partner is not as easy as dating him or her, things change and become more complicated, but if both partners make an effort to adapt, it can be much simpler. Bonding with your partner requires time, dedication, love and care and if one or both partners fail to meet these criteria the relationship will fail eventually.

If you believe your relationship needs a bit of help to improve and grow here are 7 tips from a lawyer that he believes can make every relationship stronger. These little things are not something you should do once and then forget, these are details which need to be respected throughout your entire life so that you can grow old and happy with the person you love. These little things will surely make your relationship last and even though some may sound ridiculous, try them out and make your relationship last for a lifetime.

Cuddle before going to bed

Physical contact is crucial for every strong and long-lasting relationship. Even though it may sound silly, people in long-lasting relationships tend to forget about this. Physical contact can help reduce stress, creates a feeling of connectedness and simply makes you feel good. A study revealed that partners who cuddle and snuggle before sleeping have a stronger relationship compared to those who don’t.

Give your partner a nice, relaxing back rub

Most of the physical contact in a relationship happens either before sexual intercourse or under the shower, both with sexual connotation. Try doing something for your partner without a sexual motive, snuggle, give him a backrub or a foot rub, hug, hold hands and enjoy the moment of tenderness.

Double Date

It’s not that single dates are bad, but you can benefit more from double dates. Studies revealed that people who double date have a higher chance to fall in love and stay in love. Your double date should be interesting and with people you share interests with, so choose them carefully.

Spend quality time together

This may be 15 minutes before going to bed or 15 minutes in the morning, but make sure you set some time aside for your partner. With our busy schedules and routines, we often forget that we haven’t spent any quality time with our partner and this can make you grow distant. Spend 10-15 minutes discussing your day with your partner, talk about silly things and just spend some time alone.

Do something silly together

Falling in a routine can be devastating for a relationship. Research shows that people who are bored in their relationship end up breaking up eventually, so make sure you don’t experience this. Try different things, go on adventures together, do something silly and weird and have fun with your partner to make your relationship last.

Kiss more

Kissing your partner a lot leads to an increased relationship satisfaction, the Journal of Sexual Behavior reveals. According to a survey from the Oxford University people associated satisfactory relationships with frequently kissing and partners who were good kissers. This can only mean one thing: Smooch more!

Compliment your partner

Compliments may sound shallow but they go a long way when it comes to a healthy and satisfactory relationship. Saying a few nice words to your partner and hearing them back will make wonders for your relationship and may light up a spark that will keep you going for longer.

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