You will be surprised to read about what this ‘’time traveler from 2028’’ has to say about the future

You will be surprised to read about what this ‘’time traveler from 2028’’ has to say about the future

Humans have always been curious whether time travel is possible.  Experts and scientist say that in theoretical terms time travel is possible, but we still do not have the technology what can make that actually happen.  Even if we did have such advanced technology, no one can say for sure that it is going to work.

Recently a man named Noah, claimed that he actually is a time traveler and that he is apparently from 2028. He also claimed that he is risking his life for doing this, but he just had to travel back in time to warn us about the future of the humanity.

There is a video on YouTube where he explains all the risk he has taken just to warn us about our future.

One of his predictions is that Donald Trump will be re-elected in the following elections, which is very unfortunate for those who are anti-Trump. He also mentioned that artificial intelligence will get very advanced, which is something that we are kind of aware of.

He also said that machines, specifically Google-glasses style ones will actually take over our planet.

Also, he said that his intentions are only to assure us that time travel is possible and he is not trying to deceive us.

According to his words, he is 50 years old man who suffered from depression and anorexia, but because he took some age-rejuvenating drug he is now 25 years old. He traveled from 2021 when this was only used by the top-secret organizations, and he traveled back to the 13th of November 2017.

The public will find out about time traveling by the year 2028.

Noah says that he actually should now be in 2021, but he feels that our time is where he belongs the most.

If you watch the video you will notice that he is rather upset and he turns into tears when he is talking about his rather unusual experience.

He also mentioned that the world should invest more in sustainable energy, and the electric cars in the future will be much faster and will use less energy.

About his prediction of Donald Trump, he is assuring us that it is definitely going to happen and it is not something that he just came up with.

He was given 700 dollars from Paranormal Elite so that he could adjust in this current time period. Or maybe that is how much he charges for acting?!

He concludes by saying that he is wishing us a good luck and that he is definitely investing in sustainable energy and now he is searching for some safe place to hide from the robots when they rise.

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