These Are the Top Lies Men Tell Women

These Are the Top Lies Men Tell Women

Women are bound to lie about their weight, age or some of their physical characteristics – these are white lies which can even be cute. Men aren’t better – they lie about their physical characteristics and other reasons as well. Most men lie about dealings with the opposite sex such as how many sex partners they’ve had or that they are the first love of their life.

Here are the top 6 lies men tell women:

I’m Sorry

Men love saying they’re sorry, but they rarely mean it. They say it just for the sake of maintaining the relationship – as soon as you forgive them, you can bet they’ll be back to their old ways.

I Am Single

No matter if they’re married, in a relationship or dating someone, men prefer saying they’re single. The logic behind it is easy – it says that he’s in an open relationship regardless of what you think. This makes him available to anyone at all times.

I’ll Call You

This may be the biggest lie men tell women. Waiting for men to call you is a waste of your time. They usually use this phrase when they want to avoid someone, so if they say it to you, don’t get your hopes up.

She’s Not That Pretty

When a man says a girl’s not that pretty, it usually means the opposite. When in the company of their girlfriends or wives, men say that some girl isn’t that pretty when asked for an opinion. Most women believe in this, but only the smart ones can see through the lie.

I’m On My Way

No, he’s really not on his way. Men love saying they’re on their way when they want to avoid someone or go to some kind of event. Saying this works great when they can’t afford to show up somewhere and it also helps them gain a bit of control when they actually show up.

You’re Beautiful

Ah, the classic. Men love saying things such as “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve met” to every lady they admire. They use them to impress a girl and “lure” her in. As soon as they meet another girl, she’ll be the prettiest one they’ve met in their life.

Of course, there are many men who don’t lie to their women, but they’re a rare breed. Most of the time, a man will tell at least one of the lies on the list – after all, it’s what makes them men.

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