Here’s How to Recognize HSP (Highly Sensitive) People

Here’s How to Recognize HSP (Highly Sensitive) People

Some people are much more sensitive than others. Being super-sensitive is tough – it’s hard to focus on everything around you with so much noise, and those questions like “Why do you take things so seriously?” are annoying, not exactly helpful. If people also ask you why are you so sensitive often, you’re probably an HSP or Highly Sensitive Person.

Experts say that about 1 out of every 5 people possess this trait. It’s pretty common, yet most of these people are still a minority. It’s not anything bad – according to past research, HSP people actually possess a wide range of unique traits which most people don’t have. Here are some of them:

They Have Amplified Emotional Reactions

These people always act with compassion or concern for other people’s feelings, especially when they’re dealing with negativity.

They Are Deeply Intuitive

HSP people have an intuition that runs pretty deep. Whenever they have something to figure out, they delve deep into it, unlike others. It’s a characteristic trait only HSP people possess which makes them all the more unique.

They Have a Hard Time Making Decisions

Highly sensitive people have a hard time when they need to make decisions. They spend more time making one than the average Joe as they’re fully aware that a tiny detail can make or break the decision. Once they decide the ‘right’ answer, they’ll bring decisions in the future much faster.

They Are Not Introverts

Contrary to popular belief, GSP people are not introverts. More than 30% of these people are extroverts actually, which is more common in smaller places where interaction is unavoidable.

They Are Great Team Players

Just because they’re sensitive and maybe introverted doesn’t mean these people aren’t great team players. As a matter of fact, HSP people can process ideas deeply, although they probably shouldn’t be allowed to make the final call considering their inability to make crucial decisions. Their other traits, however, make overly sensitive people great team players.

They Suffer When Criticized

Highly sensitive people feel the effects of criticism on a deeper level than most of us. They are quite affected by harsh words and when others brush them off, they may revert to self-criticism or crowd-pleasing just in order to avoid more pain.

They Are More Prone to Anxiety and Depression

Due to the fact that they process things deeply and tend to overanalyze stuff, HSP people are more prone to anxiety and depression. Of course, not all highly sensitive people will develop depression, especially if they’re surrounded by positive individuals who can brighten up their days.

They’re Polite

Experts say that HSP people are highly meticulous as well, which makes them appropriately in every situation and with perfect manners.

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