You Might Be Transforming Into The Person You Always Meant To Be, Here Are The Signs

You Might Be Transforming Into The Person You Always Meant To Be, Here Are The Signs

Did someone told you that you have changed? When did that change happen and how? Nobody is the same person that they were a year ago, and they will not be the same after a year. Change is something, maybe the only thing, which happens constantly.

These are 7 signs that you have started to transform into the person you were meant to be:

1.    You like to be alone.

You are no longer afraid of being alone. You have realized that not many people have the same vibe as you. You have started to appreciate your time and energy and you do not like to waste them in vain. Now you know that people who do not give you anything in return are not worth your time. You might be becoming your own soul mate.

2.    You know you are not perfect but you still know you have value.

You have learned to be comfortable in your own skin and you have accepted your flaws without the constant need to hide them from others. You welcome criticism because that is how you can make yourself better. When people try to correct you, you do not get offended. When you find yourself not being able to do something, you do not get mad, instead, you move on to the things you can do and that you are passionate about.

3.    You don’t find it too hard to let go of some unnecessary relationship.

You have reached a point in your life where you know exactly what you want from other people. You know your value and you are not willing to settle for less. You simply can’t be around people who stop your grow and disturb your mental peace. You have realized that sometimes it is ok to end a relationship if you are not feeling like yourself in it.

4.    Trusting someone does not come as easy as it was in the past.

You do not let people read you as they did in the past. You have a small circle of friends and those who try to get closer to you will need to go through a tough process.  You take your time to analyze people before you welcome them into your life. Those who make it through all those tests are the keepers.

5.    You find your life repeatedly boring.

You spend most of your time alone because you do not want to waste it on meaningless people and conversations. The perfect weekend, for you, could be a book and some tea or coffee or maybe a marathon of your favorite movies or TV shows. Sometimes you do like to hang out with your small and selected circle of friends.

6.    You understand the true meaning of sadness.

Those bad days eventually will come when your mental state won’t be at its best and you will not be able to console yourself easily. We cannot always be at our best and we have to accept those bad days as part of being alive.

7.    Your time is the most valuable thing in the world.

You have started to second guess if the people or situations deserve your time. You have become so picky wheatear you should invest your time in something or not. You know your goals and you want your time to be invested in them, not something useless and unnecessary.

Probably you can relate to some of these signs if not to all seven. But, do not worry you will get there. The important is to realize your own worth as soon as possible and build the life you always dreamt of.

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