This Beautiful Story Is A True Reminder That True Love Always Finds A Way!

This Beautiful Story Is A True Reminder That True Love Always Finds A Way!

Today we’re going to tell you a story that will teach you a few things about love and truly touch your heart. A guy met a girl on a social site and they started chatting every day. After a few weeks, they became good friends.

However, that friendship eventually turned to love in only a few months. Both admitted they’re in love with each other and they were planning to finally meet in person. Unfortunately, the girl stopped responding to the guy’s messages a few weeks later. Days and weeks passed and he eventually realized that their relationship was over. The poor guy was broken, crying himself to sleep every day.

A few years later, he was accepted at his favorite university. The girl broke his heart so badly that he stayed away from girls for years. However, he met a girl at the campus that surely felt special. She was beautiful and there was something in her eyes that made her very attractive. He gathered the courage to approach her but was instantly rejected.

The girl apologized for rejecting him and explained that she’s already in love with someone. “I understand,” the guy said. “You’re taken.” He couldn’t have guessed what happened next. The girl explained that she’s not taken – in fact, she managed to find her soulmate online 3 years ago, but she had to break things off due to personal reasons. She eventually went to the university in order to find him. The boy said that he experienced something similar and when they told each other’s names, they embraced each other and started crying. He thought that he lost his true love forever, but destiny had other plans for them!

The girl eventually told him why she stopped writing. She was in a car accident which left her paralyzed for a year in a hospital. Doctors already wrote her off, but the thought of meeting him kept her alive. She fought bravely and managed to overcome the injuries. When they were chatting a couple years back, the guy told her that he’ll only apply for one university when the time comes and knowing that she applied for the same university in hopes of meeting him. As luck would have it, they found themselves on the first day and are now a happy couple.

This is a true reminder that true love will always find its way no matter the obstacles. Don’t worry if you haven’t found yours – it will surely come soon.

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