The two faces of each zodiac sign

The two faces of each zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign has some strengths and weaknesses. You cannot have only one thing. They always go in pair, just like yin and yang. All the zodiac signs go with their positive and negative characteristics. Being conscious about this can improve your life situation.

Here are the two faces of each zodiac sign:

1. ARIES, 3/21-4/19

Face one: This sign is focused on their goals. They always chase their dreams. They have their targets set and they have their career planned. They never hesitate. Their presence is always noticed and you cannot ignore if Aries is around.

Face two: They can be really moody, and they can become nervous over unpredicted things. If something is not according to their plan, they become angry. Thus, it is really hard to deal with them.

2. TAURUS, 4/20- 5/20

Face one: This sign is trustworthy, hardworking and devoted. They are humble and don’t like to talk about their achievements. People find their behavior very lovely and they can easily connect with them. People who are around them feel comfortable.

Face two: If they change their mind, sometimes they can be inconsistent. Even if it is contrary to the better choice they will stick to it. This makes them really stubborn. As romantic partner they are limiting and jealous.

3. GEMINI, 5/21-6/20

Face one: They are tolerant, cheerful and accepting. They like trying new and exciting things. Almost nothing can stop their jolly spirit.

Face two: From time to time they can lose their patience and this provokes them make very bad decisions. Wanting to get things over with can lead them to inappropriate judgments and errors. When they are stressed, they usually bail the boat out to the people around them and they end up hurt.

4. CANCER, 6/21 -7/22

Face one: They care about other people. They are honest when sympathizing others and vulnerable to other people’s problems. Cancers can be your best friends because they are always there to listen and to help you out with their advice.

Face two: Being so sensitive and vulnerable leads them to emotional rollercoaster which can easily turn into depression. They feel like no one understands them and they can become distant from the people around them.

  1. LEO, 7/23- 8/22

Face one: They can be really funny and charming. They have great leadership skills and they are always in the spotlight.

Face two: They are overconfident. They underestimate the others and think that they are the best. This behavior makes them very artificial to their closest ones.

6. VIRGO, 8/23- 9/22

Face one: They are practical and logical. Give them a problem and they will find the most suitable and the easiest solution. They are very intelligent and have answer for everything.

Face two: When this is out of control, they feel sad. Over-thinking is not good at all.  They can have problems about getting rid of their mental burden. They constantly analyze things in their mind.

7. LIBRA, 9/23-10/22

Face one: They are conciliators. They behave well and keep stable relation with everyone. They avoid any type of anxiety.

Face two: Having no balance over things, they can easily withdraw. Instead facing the difficulties, they tend to run away.

8. SCORPIO, 10/23 -11/21

Face one: Their sagacious humor makes them adorable. People like to be around them. They are very smart and they really appreciate their freedom. They will go after their goals until they realize them.

Face two: If you made a mistake, they will never forgive you. They won’t affirm that they are wrong, which is provoked because of their self-defensiveness.

9. SAGITTARIUS, 11/22-12/21

Face one: They are optimists. They are positive, funny and famous. The sign with the longest list of friends is the Sagittarius.

Face two: They often quit from their goals. They cannot focus on one thing. If they face difficulties on the path, they immediately draw back. They are very easy to annoy.

10. CAPPRICORN, 12/22 – 1/19

Face one: They are very hard-working and they are perfectionists. No one can tell them what to do, because they know the best way  and they won’t stop until they finish it.

Face two: When they become successful, they like to brag around.  They are very stubborn, not adjustable and people find them hard to work with.

11. AQUARUIS, 1/20-2/18

Face one: They like to travel. They are always ready for connecting with new people and sharing new experiences. They are not afraid of new things and they like to explore.

Face two: Being in love with them is really hard because they are unavailable. They constantly move from one place to another and their partner is not their priority.

12. PISCES, 2-19/3-20

Face one: They are emotional and friendly. If they made a promise, be 100% sure that they won’t quit. Pisces are known as very loyal partners.

Face two: They are shy and reserved. This one can affect their closest ones because they cannot understand Pisces’ need of being alone. Speaking about reality, they find it really hard to face it.

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