If a Woman Does These 9 Things She’s Got the Hots for You

If a Woman Does These 9 Things She’s Got the Hots for You

How many times have you been with a woman who you like but you didn’t have the courage to say anything because you weren’t sure she’s interested in you? Women can be mysterious creatures and men rarely managed to read their minds, which makes them confused and often causes them to miss a chance they’ve waited for so long.

Knowing that a woman may never openly express her feelings before a man, how can men be sure that they’re into them? How can they know if it’s time to make a move and that they’ll not be rejected?

If you’re one of the men who often find themselves clueless, here are 10 signs you need to look for in the woman you want to ask out:


When you’re with someone you like your entire face lights up and you feel like smiling all the time. If a woman keeps smiling while she’s with you, listening to your silly jokes and she seems like she’s enjoying herself, she likes you. Everyone can distinguish a real smile from a fake one, so if her smile is genuine, if you see she feels comfortable around you, you can be sure she’s interested.

Spontaneous touches

Women are quite self-aware when it comes to sending the wrong signals to the opposite sex. If they’re not interested, they’ll make sure the guy knows it. However, if they are interested they’ll try to make contact with the other person, touch them spontaneously on the arm, or the leg, smiling while they do it. If she touches you while she talks to you, even if it looks like it’s completely spontaneous, trust us, she does it on purpose and she wants you to know that she enjoys your company.

The way she gazes into your eyes

The eyes are windows to the soul and they can never lie. Science says that when we’re looking at someone we like, romantically, our pupils dilate. So if your love interest is constantly making eye contact, smiling all the time, she’s into you.

Hair twirling

I believe you’ve all heard this from the movies, but let’s repeat it just in case you thought it was bulls*it. Women know that running their fingers through their long locks or twirling it is attractive to men, so they’ll do it in front of the men they like.

Body signs

Body language is not something you can hide, so even if we don’t notice it, we tend to do certain things when we’re around someone we like. It may be the way we stand, the way we talk, or sit, but it’s evident that we’re trying to catch the attention of the person we like.

Leaning towards you

If a woman is interested into you, she’ll look you in the eyes and lean towards you, wanting to see your face up close. If you’re interested, she’ll expect you to do the same.

Feet position

According to science, women tend to stand in a certain way depending on whether they’re around the people they like or not. If she likes you she’ll stand with her feet slightly apart and maybe even play with her ankles of feet. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll stand firmly, with her legs stiff and tight.

She remembers all the details

If a woman remembers every little detail of every story you’ve ever told, she’s interested in you. She devotes her fullest attention to your every word because she likes to hear what you have to say.

She wants to be near you

If she doesn’t flinch at your gentle touch or caress, she likes the attention you’re giving her. She may be a bit nervous around you, but she’ll enjoy your company and she certainly would expect you to make the move, sooner or later.

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