Here’s Why Women Leave Men They Are Deeply In Love With

Here’s Why Women Leave Men They Are Deeply In Love With

Many of us know a woman who left the man she truly loved. This seems very confusing – after all, why would you break up with someone you’re madly in love with? Men who were left by their long-time girlfriends and possibly future wives often speak about this problem with marriage counselors and experts, baffled by the choice their soulmate did.

According to experts, there are many reasons for this. Men often do small things which they don’t consider important, but they end up being the reason for their women leaving them. There is a logic behind their decision – you just need to rewind back to the past and try figuring out what went wrong.

Here are the main reasons why women leave men they’re in love with:

The Man Is Always Out

One of the biggest factors for women leaving men they’ve been with forever is the fact that their man isn’t home. Women need their men to stay home. Of course, work or school or something else will get in the way of this, but that’s a part of life. If you’re not around in your free time, you can expect problems.

Just show her that you want to be with her on weekends or birthdays. Make time in your schedule for her or no one else. If you don’t do this often, don’t be surprised when she walks out the door.

You Don’t Feel Her

A feeling is a multi-pronged reality that will never change. We’re not talking about feeling your woman physically – we’re talking about “feeling” her presence too. Women need their men to stay close. They want their men to make some time in their busy schedule for them instead of their friends. This will allow you to understand her needs and where she is at that point in her life. She’s already doing the same for you after you get home from work.

If you want to stay together, you need to show you presence through actions, not words. If you don’t, she’ll leave and never turn back.

You Don’t Listen

Not listening to your woman is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in a relationship. Women want their voice to be heard and want you to be an active listener who understands their needs. She also needs to know that you care about her thoughts even if you don’t agree with her.

And, no, she won’t mind being wrong, but only if you listen. If you do listen, she’ll be happy for happier and more cooperative about stuff.

You Treat Her Like Property

Your woman is neither a trophy or an item you’ve bought at the convenience store. She doesn’t want to feel that way – in fact, if you treat her like that, she’s more likely to leave out of the door. Treating your woman like property will undermine her value and make her feel unappreciated, which is one of the worst feelings in the world. Even if she loves you with all her heart, she will leave you if you act like this.

You’re Not “Alive”

Yeah, you might be physically well, but are you truly alive at home? Many women are companioning about their husbands not being alive. The harsh reality of life tends to get to men as they age, so they will lose interest in something they loved doing at some point in their life. If you enter this stage of your life, she will hate it.

Women don’t like being with men that are going through the motions. In fact, they need you to feel alive like when you were young. If you don’t, there’s a great chance of her leaving and never coming back.

There are the 5 biggest reasons why women leave men they’ve loved so much. She may love you with all her heart but making these 5 mistakes will degrade her up to the point of leaving. The goal of every relationship is to support and love each other – if there’s no support, you will eventually see her out of the door. Furthermore, you need to be aware that the gender dynamic for this problem is reversible, meaning it can go both ways.

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