Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Acts In An ‘Almost’ Relationship

Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Acts In An ‘Almost’ Relationship


The sign of Aries always rushes things – even if they’re not in a serious relationship, they will act as they are. Waiting on something kills your mood and you want to move through life at a fast pace. In order to subdue the rush, you overcompensate in a relationship by giving it all you’ve got, which can cause several problems.


If you’re born in the sign of Taurus, you turn into a stalker when you’re in a still-not-serious relationship. You’re obsessive about things and will put your whole heart in an early relationship no matter how your partner feels. Sooner or later, you’re going to run into problems.


Geminis are territorial and possessive by nature. They can get jealous pretty quickly and don’t like ‘almost’ relationship at all – what they need is true support by a ready and willing partner.


Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac, so they need the whole treatment from their partner in order to feel complete. They are not a sign who loves almost relationships – they need love and support. As a result, they feel paralyzed by fear in almost relationship as they’re uncertain by the future.


Leos are brave and charming but tend to overthink and overanalyze stuff when in an almost relationship. They will analyze all possible outcomes before deciding on your next moves.


Virgo hates almost relationships – people born in this sign are perfectionists that hate when the lines get blurred. For Virgos, they’re either in a relationship or not – it’s that simple.


You don’t want to be in an almost relationship if you’re a Libra. These relationships have a way of feeding into your insecurities and you’re always questioning why you’re not together when everything feels right. Over time, it can make you go crazy.


Scorpios are feisty and cynical, so getting into insecure relationships isn’t ideal for them. They want their partner to understand their needs, which is something you won’t get in an almost relationship.


People born in this sign have a bit of a fear of relationships, so almost relationships are perfect for them. They have a non-committal nature, especially when it comes to romance, so they almost relish the chance of one-night stands and open relationships.


Capricorns are focused on their own needs and goals, so when they get into an almost relationship, they end up hurting their partner. There’s no way of putting it nicely – Capricorns are selfish and not the people you want to get in an open relationship with.


Just like the sign of Sagittarius, the Aquarius relishes the challenge of almost relationships. They don’t even realize they’re in this kind of relationship – they think that what they have is real and can lead to something.


Pisces treat almost relationships like a real relationship as they’re hopeful it can grow into something more. They are hopeless romantics that believe everything will turn out great in their life, even if things aren’t going their way.

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