Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Will Break Your Heart

Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Will Break Your Heart

Sometimes we get our heart broken, sometimes we fall in love and it’s a fairytale, but there are also times when we are the ones that break other people’s hearts.

You’ve probably noticed that we all have a specific method when it comes to breaking up and we always kind of do it the same way. This is mostly influenced by our zodiac sign and as many other personality traits, the zodiac sign can predict how you break other people’s hearts, do you do it gently, are you harsh or maybe you act irresponsibly and let them be the ones to break things off. If you want to find out read the article below and it should shed some light on this interesting subject.


When it comes to Aries we all know that their attention span is quite short which makes it difficult for them to commit to something in the long run. This goes for relationships as well so they have a habit of leading on their prospective partners and the moment they fall for them they lose interest and are already on their way to finding someone new.


The Taurus is reserved and can find it difficult to open up to their partner. This is how they break your heart and leave you hanging. They slowly start opening up and as soon as their partner starts getting a glimpse of their true nature they shut off and turn cold.


The Gemini is a highly unpredictable character and this is what breaks the heart of their potential mates. They’re all warm and loving one day and grow distant and cold the next. If a person falls in love with a Gemini he’s in for a wild, wild ride that will eventually end in heartbreak.


The biggest problem with Cancers is that they’re easily influenced by their close friends and family. As soon as someone says something negative about the person they’re dating they get discouraged and give up. This is how they break their partner’s heart.


The Leo is an attention-seeker and this will eventually break their partner’s heart. If you’re a Leo you don’t want anyone to steal your thunder so you put your needs in front of everyone else’s, including your partner. No relationship will succeed until you start thinking about someone else other than yourself.


The Virgo tends to overthink things and is highly indecisive about everything including their relationships. They find it hard to make a decision about evolving their relationship to the next level, which makes things move slowly and eventually the partner gives up on waiting for the Virgo to move forwards, leaving the relationship heartbroken.


Libras are exceptional human beings and everyone loves their company. They have amazing social skills and blend well in almost any crowd. The downside is that they tend to experiment with other people’s feelings and end up leaving a trail of broken hearts behind them.


Scorpios are honest to a fault, which is not a bad thing but it can be devastating for the person they’re breaking up with. They’re awfully blunt, insensitive and frank and disregard other people’s feelings.


The Sagittarius cares most about the career and is mostly focused on climbing the professional ladder, which puts everything else, including their relationships, in the shadow. This can break their partner’s heart, realizing that love and relationships will never be a priority for the Sagittarius.


Capricorns are quite strict when it comes to their timeline and their schedules and whenever they find themselves in a relationship with people that can’t follow their rhythm they tend to leave them behind. Their inability to adapt to a situation and accept that not everyone is as big planner as they are makes them infamous heartbreakers.


The Aquarius is a highly intelligent person but their intellect makes their partners appear inferior to them. If they discover that their partner can’t challenge them on an intellectual level, they lose interest and break hearts along the way.


Pisces are artistic and creative and they don’t like being with people who don’t respect their artistic side. If they realize that they’re with a person that don’t value your intellectual and creative genius, they cool off and exit the relationship.

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