Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell You How You Want to Be Loved

Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell You How You Want to Be Loved

We all have a different attitude towards love and relationships and we all have different expectations from our love life. However, as much as we think that we know what we want in a partner or what we expect in a relationship, there are some things that may come as a surprise for us. According to astrology, our zodiac sign can reveal how we want to be loved and what we want our relationship to look like. If you’d like to find out a bit more about yourself and your expectations from your partner, read on and you may be surprised:


Matters of the heart can be complicated for you, mostly because you love to be your own person but you still hate to be alone. Your partner needs to respect your private space and time but still know when to shower you when love and affection.


You need a non-conventional partner who will show you non-conventional love. You’re artistic by nature so the person you’re with will need to know how to respect your artistic inclinations, support you in your endeavors and love your art as much as he or she loves you.


You’re spontaneous and you need someone who will follow you on your adventures and keep things interesting for you. You need your love life to be active and always on the move so you need a partner who will challenge you and keep you on your toes.


The Taurus is steady and dislikes changes, so the perfect partner for them is someone who is honest, reliable and doesn’t push them to change. The ideal partner for the Taurus is someone who will prove to them that they’re trustworthy and responsible and that they can rely on them.


Geminis are known for their inability to make important choices and decisions and this is vital for their love life. If you’re a Gemini, your ideal partner will love you despite your bad decision-making skills. Your partner will be patient and supportive which means that they will need to show you that your relationship is steady and secure so that you can relax and enjoy.


Cancers are loyal to the people the love and respect but they don’t trust other people easily. They want a partner with whom they can talk about anything and everything because communication is vital in a relationship for them.


Leos are proud and in need of praising, so their ideal partner is someone who will shower them with compliments. They don’t need someone who will tolerate arrogance but someone who will recognize their achievements and give them credit for them. Their ideal relationship is one that is full of admirations, praises and little fun surprises.


Virgos are highly intelligent and a bit of workaholics so the ideal partner for them is someone who will tell them to slow down a bit and enjoy the fruits of their hard labor. Their perfect partner will know when they need help even before they as for it and will always be there to help.


Libras are interested in justice and politics so they love with their brain and not their heart. Their ideal partner will challenge them intellectually and inspire them to grow and perfect themselves.


Scorpios are all about trust and their ideal partner will have to prove to them that he’s trustworthy and honest. They can be rather jealous, so their partner will accept that and calm their anxieties by proving to them there’s nothing to worry about. They need to feel the trust in their relationship so that they can completely let go.


Like the Aries, the Sagittarius is fun and adventurous, so their partner needs to bring excitement to the relationship. They need someone who will join them on their adventures, travel everywhere with them and who will love it as much as they do.


Capricorns are all about the family values so their ideal partner will be someone who values family just as much. They need someone who sees them grow old together, which can be a bit intense but with the right person they will be happy.

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