Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Gets Their Heart Broken

Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Gets Their Heart Broken

Heartbreaks are the worst, right? When someone breaks your heart, it seems like you can’t handle another one. However, as humans, we are incredibly resilient and can endure the worst. If you set your mind on it and you believe in real love, you can and will get over another heartbreak.

Look on the positive side – every heartbreak is a new lesson about life and yourself. These lessons are pretty valuable and can help you get over anything in the future. Heartbreaks suck and are pretty painful. They might not seem fair or logical, but what sounds logical when it comes to love? If you want to understand what’s happening, you need to look into yourself and be patient. Also, don’t grab onto any chance for love – it’s best to wait for the right person to arrive. Love takes time to blossom, but when it does, everything will feel better.

Learning more about yourself is key to preventing heartbreaks. For example, knowing all the characteristics about your zodiac sign can help you determine if you’re ‘prone’ to heartbreaks. Here’s how:


Aries is a selfish sign, even if it fails to admit it. Not loving yourself is your biggest heartbreak. You rarely get your heart broken, but you are a heartbreaker. You’re always on the move, you’re energetic and too focused on yourself in order for life to take over. Whenever something doesn’t work out, you’re instantly ready to get over with it. If you manage to find as energetic a person as you are, you can bet you’re going to suffer and get your heart broken.

On the other hand, Aries is a sign which doesn’t stick around if something doesn’t serve a true purpose.


Tauruses are getting their heart broken simply because they’re always breaking the hearts of others. They’re stubborn, over-possessive, and don’t like people who don’t share your view of love. You don’t see eye to eye with your partner often, which is why you get your heart broken. Taurus often find partners that don’t offer financial or emotional stability and end up with a broken heart.

If you’re trying harder than your partner in a relationship, you’ll get your heart broken. Never settle for a casual relationship, and don’t even try getting into one if they can’t cook – love without food isn’t meant for you.


Gemini like to flirt with others – you might not see it as a problem, but your partner certainly does. These people want freedom, not being ‘chained’ to others. They are free spirits who don’t take things too seriously but don’t let your partner make you feel bad for who you really are.

If you’re running after people who are too judgmental, you’re going to get your heart broken. Fortunately, people born in this sign can get up back on their feet pretty quickly, even after a heartbreak.


As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Cancer wants to feel all the emotions in a relationship, both the good and bad. Cancer is a very vulnerable sign, and this vulnerability is exactly what makes them feel secure. These people will never share their secrets and desires until they get to know their partner better. If their partner doesn’t feel the same about love or isn’t emotionally invested as you are, you’re going to get your heart broken.

If you’re born in the sign of cancer, make sure your partner is really the one before opening up your soul.


Leos are fierce, loyal, and love the spotlight. You actually enjoy spending time in the limelight – it’s just in your nature to have all eyes on you. This also attracts a crowd around you and maybe somewhere in it your ideal partner is hiding. Leos love people who want to share the spotlight, and can easily get their hearts broken by a partner who’s not loyal.

In order to prevent another heartbreak, don’t rush into relationships. Things aren’t always what they seem, so make sure to be patient before deciding to spend your whole life with a partner.


Virgos are perfectionists who set themselves up for failure. They are highly critical and demanding, and all of these things are their demise in the end. Having high expectations of their partner is the reason why they get their heart broken.

Virgos are not romantics – in fact, they are practical and service-oriented. If you find a partner who doesn’t feel the same about you, you will definitely get your heart broken.


Those born in the sign of Libra are classy, but unbalanced in life. They need partners who will balance them and finding one that is carefree will bring unnecessary weight on your shoulders. Laid-back partners are your downfall, so don’t settle for a partner who can’t carry their own weight.

Be more selective when choosing your life partner if you don’t want to experience another messy situation and a heartbreak.


When Scorpios enter a relationship with people who don’t know what they want out of love, they’re setting themselves up for failure. You need an all or nothing type of partner, a partner who likes and causes drama, a partner who’s essentially crazy. You need someone like yourself or you’ll end up with a broken heart.
Stop chasing people who don’t know to love as you do. Loveless souls will break your heart and hurt you, and you don’t need that in your life.


Sagittarius need movement and adventure, so they shouldn’t end up in a relationship with couch potatoes and laid-back people. Adventure is what these people need – it’s their bread and water. You need someone who’ll share your beliefs and travel with you around the world. These people can be hard to find, but they do exist.

The good news is that this sign rarely gets their hearts broken. The energy they have surrounding them will lead them to a new adventure and maybe the right person.


Capricorns get their hearts broken only by people who are on the same frequency. These people are detached from emotions and have a controlled nature that doesn’t allow them to fret over heartbreaks. When you find someone who likes what you like and is just like you, you’re may end up heartbroken when they fail you. Luckily, you have such a strong personality that you won’t be down for long.


People born in the sign of Aquarius don’t even understand what heartbreak is. They don’t understand how people can live a standard life and are all about space and freedom. You break the concepts of love and need a partner who’s just like you. If they do deceive you, however, you will end up heartbroken and it will hurt.

Don’t go for the regular guy or a faker – you thrive on friendships and need someone who’s close and understands your needs.


Pisces is the zodiac sign who gets heartbroken the most. While they understand the needs of any other zodiac sign, no one really understands them. Luckily, these people live in their own fantasy world, which helps them cope with society.

They can love on a deep level and will get their heart broken if they aren’t loved back in the same way. Sadly, getting your heart broken is your destiny, so be ready for more heartaches.

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