Your Zodiac Sign Reveals What Will Break Your Heart

Your Zodiac Sign Reveals What Will Break Your Heart

We all have one thing that truly breaks our heart and makes us feel like there’s no tomorrow and we know that no one can help us when that happens. Dealing with heartbreak is not easy, but it could help you if you can identify what triggers you and make it easier for you to eliminate it. This is where your Zodiac sign plays a crucial role, it can reveal what breaks your heart and help you avoid it, if possible:


If you’re an Aquarius it’s easy for you to get into an argument with a friend, as long as it’s a constructive and intellectually challenging one. But if your partner starts disrespecting your core values and principles, you get all defensive and feel threatened. This is something that really breaks your heart and disappoints you because you hold your principles very valuable.


Your heart breaks when someone brings out your past with the intention of embarrassing you and hurting you. If your partner starts using your mistakes as an excuse for his actions, you’re truly heartbroken and it’s impossible for you to forgive and forget it.


You’re an uplifting and optimistic person and it’s almost impossible to rattle your cage. But if your partner identifies your insecurities and use them against you, you’re heartbroken.


A breakup is hard for everyone, but you’re particularly inconsolable when it happens out of the blue, without any previous warning. You become anxious and nervous after any major change, but matters of the heart hit you the hardest.


You can’t stand feeling lonely, especially if you’re in a relationship and your partner starts to neglect your emotional needs. You’re quite reserved and it’s difficult for you to open up and commit to someone. But when you do and that person doesn’t give you the attention and love you deserve you’re heartbroken.


You fear the most that someone will take advantage of you and will use your emotions against you, especially since it’s hard for you to open up and trust someone. Your heart will be shattered if your partner isn’t sensitive about your feelings.


You use pride to cover up any insecurities you may be feeling, and the persons closest to you are aware of this. You’re most sensitive to criticism and if someone talks harshly to you with the sole purpose to hurt you and uses your insecurities against you, you become heartbroken.


Virgos are perfectionists and are highly critical of everyone, including themselves. This means that most of your heartbreaks are caused by no one else but you. You need a partner who will feel your little signals for reassurance and extra affection, otherwise you’ll be unhappy.


Libras’ biggest fear is confrontation and they’re unable to deal with someone who confronts them openly. They’re people-pleasers and if someone they hold dear to their heart points a finger at them and blame them for some problem, they’re heartbroken.


Scorpios can’t stand lying, especially coming from someone close to them, like their partner. If they catch him or her in a lie, they’re heartbroken and inconsolable. They simply can’t accept the fact that they’ve been betrayed by someone who they thought they could trust completely.


If you’re a Sagittarius, your heart breaks when your partner expresses he doesn’t want to follow you on your next adventure. You’ve committed yourself to him or her completely and when they seem like they can’t handle your need for adventure and spontaneity, you’re crushed.


When a Capricorn commits to someone, they’re in it for the long haul. What breaks their heart is realizing that their partner acts too lightly about matters you believe are crucial for your relationship. They may not even have the intention of hurting you, but by the time they realize how you feel, you’re already heartbroken.


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